Escudo de Puerto Pirámides Sitio Oficial del Municipio de Puerto Pirámides, Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia Argentina
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A place where adventure becomes reality

Puerto Piramides Bay Cliff
Whale Season

land whale watching

Pirámides is waiting for you. Every year, hundreds of Southern Right Whales close in on the waters of the Valdes Peninsula, Province of Chubut. Puerto Piramides is the only port town offering Whale Watching tours.Its surroundings are ideal for all sorts of open air activities and excursions, as well as for catching up on your rest and dinning.

Documentary crews

fotogdocumentary crews

Puerto Piramides, central station for documentary crews, is the only port town offering Whale Watching tours, in Argentina. BBC,Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and many others elite crews around the world arriving every year prepared to film and photograph this Natural World Heritage Site. The yearly fauna calendar includes, Southern Right Whales, Orcas, Magallanic Penguins, Dolphins, Sea Lions and Southern Elephant Seals

Beach and Cliff

Patagonian Cliff

In this encounter between land and sea, the sandy beaches, majestic sea cliffs and embankments mark the boarders of the Valdes Peninsula, giving the region a mystic touch of gold.

Year round diving

Year round diving

Puerto Pirámides is known as one of Argentina’s diving sanctuaries. An all natural underwater paradise is encountered diving these coasts, with experiences waiting for all levels, from the baptism dive for first timers, to night and deep dives.

Outdoor Sports

 Patagonian Kayak

When you think of Adventure and getting back to nature, remember that, in Puerto Piramides, There are activities that will keep your body and spirit young, including mountain bike and kayak tours with seasoned guides who will make you feel alive.

Photos - Video

Buceo en PiramidesPatagonian Whale watching