Escudo de Puerto Pirámides Sitio Oficial del Municipio de Puerto Pirámides, Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia Argentina
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El Portal de puerto Pirámides

A place where adventure becomes reality

How to arrive to This world heritage
Entrance Fees

Puerto Pirámides is located within the Protected Nature Reserve ofthe Valdes Peninsula. You have to pay a fee upon entrence.
Entrance fees for the Valdes Peninsula, Protected Nature Reserve

How to arrive by car

Traveling along the nacional highway number 3, coming either from the north or south, you with intersect with the provincial highway number 2. Here you will turn East, the only option, and continue straight ahead until reachingthe town of Puerto Piramides. Along this road and while traveling through the Peninsula you will encounter a wide variety of wild animals like Guanacos, Darwins Rhea, Elegant Crested Tinomon and Merino Sheep, Cattle and Horses. Please drive carefully.  
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By Plane or Bus

The closest airports are those of Puerto Madryn and Trelew. Puerto Madryn is about 100km from Puerto Piramides and Trelew about 160km. There is a direct bus service called Mar y Valle from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Piramides leaving every day from Madryn at 8:55 am, and leaving Piramides back to Madryn each evening at 6:00pm.